Imagine you could order up the top 3 Manufacturing & Engineering candidates on demand?

Skills Cafe serves up only the best 3 candidates.

Pre-vetted, verified and checked.

Swift, Simple, Specific.

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Our AI will match your needs to find the best candidates in seconds

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Optimised for the Manufacturing and Engineering Industries

Quickly Find The Top 3
Manufacturing & Engineering Candidates

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 Manufacturing & Engineering Candidates


Create an

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set up your
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Our Algorithm interview form will quickly and accurately determine your client's ideal candidate. 


the results

Our Algorithm will present you the 3 very best candidates in seconds.

Each will have:

  • The best assessments scores.
  • Been pre-vetted.
  • Been verified and checked.

The best recruiters place the best talent.

Skills Cafe makes sure

 you present only the very best.

Swift, Simple, Specific.

​How is Skills Cafe Different?

  • Skills Cafe does not use job boards and does not advertise positions. Recruiters search the Skills Cafe's extensive data base of pre-vetted and skilled checked job seekers. 
  • Skills Cafe presents only the 3 best candidates based off of your search criteria. This saves you time and keeps you focused on working with only the best on offer.  
  • Skills Cafe knows that time to placement is critical. Candidates are pre-vetted and skill checked meaning you do not have to spend time on those tasks. 
  • All communications with job seekers happens in app. No more email addresses or hunting through an inbox slammed with CV's

Case Study

How West Coast Personal used Skills Cafe to halve their time to placement

and double their success rate.

What our recruiters have to say

Clint Wheeler

West Coast Personnel

“So simple and fast.”

Made my life easier. the speed with which I can find and place a candidate is amazing. 

Isabella Verster

Edelweiss Recruitment Specialists

"It has sped up my process from weeks to hours"

"I use Skills-Café to recruit Manufacturing and Engineering staff nationally. It has sped up my recruitment process from weeks to hours from job spec to submission, saving me time and money. They are unique as the provide pre-vetted, pre-referenced and pre-tested candidates and not bulk unsolicited candidates. I highly recommend you try this fantastic new technology."

Why Skills Cafe?


Our skilled artisans and technicians demonstrate their capability and expertise through a voluntary participation in carefully matched assessment programs

made easy

Our large database and Algorithm-powered search tools combine to source only the best 3 candidates in seconds.

Data driven recruiting at it's best!

& Checked

Candidates are systematically vetted and checked for accuracy and governance. This drastically reduces the risk of selecting the inappropriate person

Stop Wading 
through CV's

Using an Algorithm, Skills Cafe does all the heavy lifting, meaning you no longer need to read through countless CV's.

Only the top 3 candidates are short listed!

in one place

All of the candidate's documentation is uploaded to their profile. Once checked and verified it's stored with Skills Cafe for super easy access 

Simple, Easy Communication

Send emails, live chat or even have a video interview right from within the platform. Engage with your shortlist of technicians and artisans quickly and easily!

Swift, simple, Specific